With PiYo, you’ll get long, lean, muscles, a high, firm booty, and tight, flat, sexy abs! You’ll work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of your body in this PiYo workout.

Piyo therefore, abandons the all too familiar concept of training. Instead of the garden variety of push-ups, jumping jacks and crunches, it offers something completely different. It combines Pilates, with yoga and fluid movements.

PiYo speeds everything up, including your results, while minimising aches and pains. The three-DVD package comprises eight routines together with an introductory class, varying from 45-minute to shorter 25-minute workouts. Each workout focuses on a different area, such as lower or upper body; upper body, core and glutes; or sculpting and sweating.

Some of you may question why I make such a big deal out of said pattern, but bear with me on this one. It may be lost on you, but these are not honest and unbiased reviews that many of us are tricked into believing.

I saw stretching and instantly draw all the wrong conclusions. To me, popular lore held true that if you want to sculpt your body, you’ll need a set of push-ups, jumps and resistance moves. But now I see how such thinking was amateur at best and outward na?ve at worst.

So today’s PiYo review of “Drench” is a bit overdue. I was supposed to do the workout a couple of days ago, but since it was the long weekend, it kind of got “put off.” Ooops.  Anyway, now that the weekend is over, I’m back at it and was excited to give the new workout a try.

The strength slides can be used on carpet or on hardwood flooring. If you are using them on carpet, you do not use the fabric cover that comes with a set. If you’re using them on hardwood flooring, you need to use the fabric cover to protect your floors.  The sliders do come with the PiYo Deluxe package or can be purchased separately as an add-on to the PiYo Base kit.

Beachbody includes a nutrition plan in every workout program, and PiYo is no exception.  Whether you want an amazing transformation or just want to lose those pesky last 10 pounds, will the PiYo Get Lean Eating Plan will help you reach your goals?

What’s important to know about the PiYo workout? First, studies show that a more flexible muscle has greater strength potential which leads to better results. And second, the training you get during PiYo allows you to burn incredible amounts of calories that you wouldn’t in a static type workout.

I’m here to break the nutrition plan down for you, cut through the hype, answer some common questions, and I’ll even give you tips how to tweak the PiYo meal plan and diet for common situations Beachbody did not address.

What types of results can people expect to see from PiYo? My goal is to make everything easier for you. I want you to trust that you can use your own body weight to make yourself stronger. The transformation people will see is amazing.

I first heard about Chalene Johnson and her PiYo workouts via a Beach Body advertisement on T.V. and like all of their ads there was a lot of hype and promises..

Thing is, their ad almost got me because I had done yoga in the past and I heard a lot of good things about pilates, so I went online to find out some more information and well, that’s when I found all of those raving, hard to believe PiYo reviews..

This is all about dynamic conditioning- fast paced cardio yoga moves that come in a staccato sequence. Lots of balances work included as well, and few postures to focus on as well. There is some resistance moves included, so it can pass as a strength training of a different kind too.

If you are hell bent on buying Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Workout then I’m sorry if this wasn’t the kind of raving PiYo review like most other reviews, but I had to put this out there for people who are sick of seeing fake/to good to be true looking reviews..

PiYo is different. The eight-week long, complete at-home workout program was designed by Chalene Johnson for Beachbody to totally transform your body without any weights, jumps, or unnecessary strain on your body. The best part? The intensity level of the program can be altered based on your needs.

I myself, always search for reviews of the products I buy online and that’s why I am writing this review for you guys because hopefully it will help you. Now, I’m not saying that Chalene Johnson is a scam or her program doesn’t work because I personally didn’t buy it, all the mixed reviews and knowing that some people are being paid for their reviews – it really put me off!

Why the interest? For me it’s personal. Having lost 80 pounds of excess “fluff,” maintaining my weight loss is critically important to me. Not just to rock a pair of yoga pants, but I choose to eat a (mostly) nutritious diet to fuel my body like an athlete to support my activity, whether it’s PiYo, kickboxing or power shopping.

For me, WEIGHT LOSS and GOOD HEALTH are two of the most important factors in evaluating the PiYo eating plan. Oh, and I’m a busy person, as I suspect you are. So SIMPLE and DOABLE FOR REAL PEOPLE are features the PiYo nutrition plan must have for it to be of value to me.

The sequences in Piyo are actually quite dynamic. They follow a logical flow and time seems to fly by rather fast. Between yoga poses and Pilates exercises, you are constantly moving your body. Sequences look easy but I really enjoyed going over each and every one. You’ll love the aesthetics and the non-stop flow.

No impact means no jumping whatsoever, and this was a perfect way for me to get back on the fitness wagon. You won’t have to deal with knee and joint issues, and I’ve felt my left knee condition slightly improving (probably due to all the balance moves). Was nothing serious though, only the occasional sharp pain from walking up the stairs.

The sequences are doable regardless of your body type, age and fitness level. There is even the modifier if you cannot follow along, but I found this to be quite unnecessary. This sounds rather vague, so let me describe each specific video from the program.

I was pleasantly surprised. As with the other workouts, it’s broken down into different sections or series as I refer to them and requires a water, towel, and mat (optional).

Sure, Chalene changes it up and switches the workout sequencing to prevent it from becoming boring, but it is the same strength-based moves. The other minor flaw is the background music. There was just something about it I didn’t love. Luckily, that’s an easy fix as you can just turn down or turn off the background music.

Well after visiting their links I found that most (not all) of the reviews on other blogs are affiliate links. What do you mean by that you ask? The workouts are certainly unique, incorporating everything from warrior one and downward dog yoga poses to curtsy lunges and side plank flips.

There are also modified versions of the trickier exercises for beginners. There might not be any jumping around, but you definitely feel that you’ve exerted yourself by the end of a class.

Well many of these people make money when you buy from their link, …but how do you know that they are not simply promoting a product so they can get paid?? AHHHHHH! Sorry but it really makes me mad when I see this.

I’m also a carer for my mother who has cerebral palsy and for the past 2 years I’ve struggled with my weight. There was only one issue I had with PiYo, and it’s that there is a limit to how many bodyweight exercises there actually are that will burn fat and sculpt muscle. Be prepared to do the same moves repeatedly throughout the varying DVDs for the two months.

With such a busy lifestyle I have very little time, or money to go to the gym so I needed a good workout routine for women that was fun, easy and I could fit into my busy schedule.

The PiYo  meal plan gives you one sample day of menus, so you are really on your own to come up with meal plans for the week. This is both a plus and a minus in my book. I like planning my meals because I choose foods that taste good, that fill me up, and that satisfy me. I’m a veteran dieter (I wish I couldn’t claim that title!) so I can plan meals in a snap.

Few dance elements here and there, but mostly in the sense of rhythmic moves. This is not about coordination, and as such I was delighted. While some folks like to sweat with dance workouts, I was born with two feet that are determined not to cooperate with one another.

YOU need to make smart food choices most of the time. YOU need to decide EVERY SINGLE DAY if you will keep moving (however imperfectly) toward your goals or if today is the day you will give up.

After results from my MRI came back, I learned that crashing to the slippery deck had damaged my lower spine, including an annular tear, which is the protective sheath that covers the vertebrae. Then raise your hips as you stretch the right arm over your head. Return to the plank position before repeating on the other side. Do 10 each side.

However, someone new to clean eating or meal planning might need a little help. There are some people who actually WANT to be told what to eat. I can’t relate at all, but these people do exist, just like the M&M guys and Santa Claus. Maybe you are even one of them?

Try these signature moves for a PiYo workout at home. You can do the circuit once, or repeat it five times with a minute rest in between each circuit for a tougher workout. Remember to warm up with a five-minute jog on the spot first.

Start in a sumo squat position, then round your back and tuck your forearms between your legs as you stretch out your spine. In one fluid movement, come back up into a sumo squat, opening your arms out and pushing the shoulder blades together so your palms are at the sides of your head and facing forwards. Keep tucking and opening 20 times.

Start in a press-up position and bend your right leg so the heel goes toward the buttock. Then flip that leg behind you so the foot is on the floor and raise your right arm up towards the sky into a side-plank position, with your right leg still bent and your left leg straight.

Starting in the beast position, lift your right arm as you rotate your right shoulder back and then push the left leg out straight to the right side. Come back to the beast position and repeat on the opposite side. Perform 10 doubles.

I am almost 40 which is scary and was finding it hard to stay in shape but after following Erin’s piyo program for just over 6 weeks I have already noticed a huge difference in my skin, my body and my well being!

This is just 6 weeks in and my friends and family are already noticing. I’ve finally got my confidence back again and now I’ve started seeing the results there is no turning back. Thank goodness I found Erin’s Toned in Ten!

You will be able to get a great sweat in, loose weight, tone muscles and get in shape all within the comfort of your own home.  For those of you hard core fitness fanatics, you will want to add this workout along side an existing one you are doing or use it for recovery or days where you body is too sore to do your regular workout.

Just as in any successful diet plan, you must eat at a deficit to lose weight. That means eating slightly less than your body needs each day, without going so low in calories that you burn muscle tissue for energy or lower your metabolism.

try piyo reviewsI told some of my friends the tips from Erin’s guides and they are hooked as well. Ohh and don’t worry I’ve shouted Karen dinner and bought her a bunch of flowers for recommending the Toned in Ten guides. Erin Nielson’s program is doing wonders for me and it’s way CHEAPER than PiYo, which is why I think it’s so popular as well.

I’d just do the modified version of those moves. As my strength increased with each week, I felt these moves becoming easier until I was performing every workout at full capacity. Today, my back is feeling better than ever, and the pain I felt in the beginning when I’d have to modify is gone. In fact after visiting the physical therapist, they said my core was strong and to just continue doing what I’m doing.

The next series is called Flow and this reminded me a lot of the earlier videos in the calendar. It involves a lot more of your yoga-type poses, such as high lunges, warrior 2s, triangles, runner’s lunges, and PiYo flips.

Beachbody programs like P90X and Insanity are high intensity, high impact workout programs. They can put a lot of stress on your joints and muscles, which can cause a lot of soft tissue injuries when people push themselves too hard too soon.

Beachbody claims its goal is to “teach you what your body needs to feel satiated and nourished as you build lean muscle and burn major calories.” Sounds good so far. So where do we start? The first step is to calculate exactly how much you should be eating based on your body right now. Here’s how:

The strength sliders used in the PiYo Strength workouts are best explained as plastic discs you use to increase the intensity of the PiYo workout moves. You use them either by placing a foot or hand on the disc. They allow you to move your body in ways it’s never been worked before while providing you with proper form and an increased difficulty of keeping your core stable.

Just 20 minutes in length, this one is a unique approach to training your legs and lower abs. It has a dynamic flow and lots of cool moves you’ll definitely enjoy. This workout is something I can recommend to anyone at any skill level. If you have any past injuries that keep you from doing any jumping exercises you will love this.

Hamstrings and thighs are going to have fun as well. Stretching and toning combined into one, the exercises are quite refreshing when compared to traditional moves such as lunges and squats. It turns out it was an excellent decision. In the beginning, there were moves that bothered me.

The PiYo Get Lean Eating Guide is a simple, well-balanced guide to healthy eating. The PiYo meal plan is sound nutrition. Follow the easy-to-follow guidelines and you will lose weight, while nourishing you muscles with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats. It is not overly-restrictive and uses foods you can easily find at your local grocery store. I’d say it’s a winner!